Making your own music CDs with Windows Media Player

Make a Music CD with Windows Media Player

If you've got a playlist in Windows Media Player, you can make a CD of that music. I'm going to use some music that I downloaded by a group called "Monotonik." Monotonik publishes their music only on the internet and they allow anyone to share it. They've been playing for years and now have a great huge archive of very mellow ambient music.

Here's how I made my Monotonik CD:

Start up Windows Media Player (I use version 9).

Get the music that you want on your CD in a playlist. There are many ways to do this step, what I usually do is just choose the songs that I want in Windows Explorer then drag them over to Media Player.

Here's what I see now Media Player's Playlist

Put in a blank CD.

From the "View" menu, choose "Go To" then you'll get a submenu. Choose "Copy to CD or Device" from that menu. Copy to CD Menu

The window will then change to display the tracks that you want to put on the CD on the left hand side and the contents of the CD on the right. The CD is blank, so there isn't anything listed on the right. If you want to copy to a digital music player instead of a CD, that could be shown on the right by clicking the drop down list box shown here: Device Dropdown Selection

As you can see in the picture, my CD burner is called drive K: by Windows. Yours may be different, they are very often drive D: or drive E:. If you've put a blank CD in but Media Player tells you that it doesn't see the blank disc, try choosing a different CD Drive from the list.

When you're sure you're ready to burn the CD, click the copy button shown here: Copy Button