The Best Cup of Cocoa - Lumplessly
Start with a cup of rice milk in a pan turned on to around medium or medium-low. Add two teaspoons of demerrara sugar and a teaspoon or two of fair-trade cocoa (two makes mine really dark). Fair-trade cocoa tastes the same, but I sleep better (which counters the caffeine :wink: ). Stir it until it gets nice and hot. Pour into a cup and add a scoop of frozen soy dessert (you know, ice cream but not ice cream) as a topping. I like So Good. Tofutti tastes better, but it's beyond my budget. There's another one whose name escapes me - Soysational or some other play on the bean's name. I like to eat the topping before it melts, then savour the cocoa. While cocoa is one of those things that's so good that it's good even when it's bad, the great thing about [b]this[/b] cup of cocoa is that it has no lumps. I don't know why, but cocoa made with rice milk has no lumps with just the lightest stirring. The down side is that rice milk is very thin and so there's more evaporation. You could add a little soy milk after the rice milk is already mixed with the cocoa if that bothers you. For cooking and hot drinks, I always use the plain Silk brand soy beverage since it doesn't separate (this seems to happen with So Good all the time). Oh, of course this recipe should be doubled - cocoa is always better when it's shared.