We offer comprehensive general computer classes aimed at the beginner to novice level and specialized classes on more advanced topics.

Group rates make classes economical for a small business, families, a group of friends, or even you and your study partners. Classes cover the basics of computers and using Windows effectively. Along with the basics, classes can be geared to cover specific aspects of using a computer today.

Topics available include:

Using your digital camera

Can't remember all the things the sales clerk told you that camera can do? Or maybe you just feel like anything with a manual that thick should do more for you. Either way, pack up the camera, cables, manual and all and bring it to our class. Late Night PC Service will show you what your camera can do for you. The focus is on the computer side of things instead of photography, but we'll snap a few pics for you to work with.

Making your own CDs or Video CDs

Many people don't realize it, but the same DVD player you've already got can probably play video from a CD that you can make on your computer. If you're not sure what all that means, call us up and we can give you the details. A CD can store a lot more than just music, and Late Night PC Service will show you how.

Versatile Printing

Everybody knows you can print photos on a colour printer (at least, you do now), but did you know you could make a t-shirt? There are all kinds of paper out there that you and your kids can use for crafts, party invitations, personalized Christmas cards, and more. We won't sell you the paper, just show you what kinds there are and what they can do.