Gallery 2.3 goes gold

I should be happier about this. Gallery 2.3 was released on Saturday. I would be happier except that last week I finally decided to upgrade and went with 2.3RC2. My timing is amazing. I'll be upgrading shortly but this also gives me a chance to show off the much cleaner look of my photo albums now that I've set up the Drupal module that integrates Gallery2 with Drupal. It took a lot of work but I feel like it was worth it. For examples, here's a day at Point Pelee and here's Vancouver last year. If it's down when you go to look at it, just assume I'm upgrading ;-).

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You probably don't want to hear this question, but why would you go with a Release Candidate instead of just waiting for the final release version?

The Drupal module that I wanted to use doesn't work with Gallery 2.2. I had no idea how much longer it would be until 2.3 came out, so...