The Great Honor Reset (and the impending Small Egg Reset)

Blizzard has announced that the day Wrath of the Lich King comes out they'll be resetting Honour Points for all characters to 0. Preventing an unfair advantage is the rationale behind the move but I really think they might renig on this one. Here's a little background for people who don't play World of Warcraft battlegrounds: Honor Points and Marks are earned by playing games against other players in battlegrounds (hence the term Player vs Player or PvP). Honor Points are used in combination with Marks of Honor to buy Epic gear (some of the best weapons, armour and other stuff in the game). The Marks are different from each battleground but aren't considered very hard to get - losing a game in a battleground gets you one mark and winning gets you three. So buying all this gear can cost a hundred thousand honor points and a few hundred marks. This is a pretty significant time investment. Once the expansion (Wrath of the Lich King) comes out on November 13 players will be able to go up to level 80 instead of the current maximum of level 70. Everyone realizes that once they get a few levels past 70 then even the best gear from current battlegrounds won't look so great next to gear that's easy to get at level 73 or 74.

So... what's a player to do? Hold on to those honor points until they hit 80 then spend them on the new best gear that Honor Points can buy. And while we're at it why not stockpile Honor Points to make it that much easier?

Blizzard is apparently concerned enough about this scenario to wipe out everyone's Honour Points when WotLK comes out, even if you had a level 40 character looking to buy level 40 gear. I'm really blown away by this. Their usual mode of operation is to just use math to beat down advantages. For example, suppose you get 400 honour points for winning a battleground (an Alterac Valley win is close to this). A player can grind out game after game of AV until their eyes dry up and roll out of their head and pile up 400k honour. Then Blizzard can say the level 80 bracket of Alterac Valley gets you 4,000 honour points for a win. And all the gear for level 80 that's equivalent to what you spent 100k honour on at level 70? That costs 1,000,000 honor all-told at level 80. The numbers sound silly to players today but the same thing happens over lower levels. And the same thing happens with gold. The amount of gold that a level 70 can have today is absurd compared to the amount that a level 60 had two years ago.

I don't have a pile of honor ready to blow on shiny new gear so I don't say this for myself. As a matter of fact I fully expect to get ganked by someone who does have a pile of honor to buy the latest gear while I'm grinding up to 80. I just think it's a dumb approach to fixing this perceived problem. Math has always worked for them before. I wouldn't be surprised for a second if one of the developers at Blizzard is arguing for a math fix for this right now. If they're not then I'm worried about what crazy solutions they're going to come up with in future expansions.

Another player in my guild started a thread suggesting "that Blizzard wipe gold along with honor to be fair in LK." It received several replies and was promptly deleted.

Picture this, an example I gave talking to my guildies about the reset, when I know Greatfather Winter is coming I go out and farm a couple stacks of small eggs for my Egg Nog. And I do it before they turn the Christmas stuff on. So don't I have an unfair advantage? Extending the logic used for this fix, I fully expect to see a Small Egg Reset coming up in early December.

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Apparently my Honor points are safe (and presumably my small eggs too). Blizzard will not reset honour points or marks with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion (see official forum post). They'll just jack up the prices of the level 80 gear. Interesting idea. Sounds ... familiar.