I'm a PC and I run Linux

Gizmondo has video of the latest ads Microsoft's apparently running. Much better than that last attempt with Bill G and Seinfield, at least from a marketing standpoint. It doesn't make the product technically any better but it's a clever ad.

The one thing I have to say is that I'm a PC - and I run Linux. The tagline at the end of the ad was "Life without walls." I find it kind of a inaccurate. Maybe "Life with fewer walls" would be more correct. Or "Life with only as many walls as the Department of Justice will let us put up." I don't mean to be bitter, I actually think it's nice to get some good vibes around the term PC. Thing is, it also reinforces the idea that one kind of hardware has to have one kind of software. I guess that's good for Microsoft since they're most successful on the desktop and less so when it comes to software that's portable.

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changing into linux is not a issue, but fix are els try to be constituent on one subject so that you may don't have any kind of problems thats what i am saying.