CakePHP 1.2RC1 is out
CakePHP is a really nice MVC framework I've been using for a project I'm working on. I've been using one of the 1.2 betas for what seems like forever but I just now saw they've got a Release Candidate out as of a couple days ago. The MVC pattern fits a whole lot of applications or acts as glue for a lot of web apps where the main goals don't fit MVC. I find that CakePHP is fantastic for getting a lot of the monotonous code out of your way so you can focus your efforts on the important stuff. Here's the release note. You can download it from the main page at This framework has a few warts and like any young software, it will see API changes that break code. Don't expect it to solve every problem for you but it will give you a huge boost to start-up speed on building new applications. In the long run you have to remember it's a tool for you to build an application, not an application in and of itself. It's time for me to dive in now and start my upgrade, I hear some of the conditions on my find() calls will have to be fixed...
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