Installing the ThermalTake Ruby Orb on my Asus M2NPV-VM

Just in case anyone's wondering about the outcome from the parts I ordered the other day, I just installed my Ruby Orb fan on my Asus M2NPV-VM. It was a little scary, for one thing that heatsink & fan is really huge. I mean really. It's a 120mm fan, stock CPU fans are about 65mm if I remember right. The Ruby Orb is so big I don't think I could take the RAM out of the computer without removing the CPU heatsink. I will say it's very quiet for the amount of air that it moves. Still my computer overall seems about as loud as it was with just the one case fan. Of course now it's got two case fans running and with the old case fans I had the noise would've been unbearable. I've also got five hard drives in there now (just installed the 500GB Seagate Barracuda SATA drive).

One thing I'll say that was odd installing this fan. I'd forgotten about the mounting plate on the back of the motherboard. When I started putting the standoffs in that the heatsink screws down to, it looked like one standoff was going to squash a resistor array (or whatever it was). As it turns out the standoffs lift off the motherboard because the screws that hold them in lift the plate behind the CPU. I really should've taken a picture... If you're going to install this heatsink on an AM2 socket, just tighten the screws down and see that the standoff lifts off the motherboard. Once the screws from the heatsink itself go in to the standoffs that will ensure that nothing's touching the motherboard on the top, instead the mounting plate holds it from the other side.

After I installed that I went and downloaded Kima, an applet that shows CPU temperature and other stuff in KDE. Too bad I never looked at the temperature before I installed the new fan (I'm concerned more about noise than temperature). Everything seems cool enough now, even though smartctl still shows out-of-whack values for the Western Digital drives.

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