An Update on Leveling the Ravager Combat Pet
Wierd, but as I was sitting here writing my last post, I heard the level sound effect come from WoW (running in Wine on one of my other KDE desktops). I flipped over to it and it says my pet's loyalty has increased. He went from Loyalty Level 2 (Unruly) to Loyalty Level 3 (Submissive). So apparently loyalty increases with just time spent being happy. Keep your pet fed. I've been spending some time leveling my new pet Ravager up. I found a spot that suits me just fine. Right at the western edge of the Vul'Gol Ogre Mound in Duskwood just east of Addle's Stead there are a number of level 29 and 30 ogres. Most are warriors but there are a couple casters. All of them are easy for my 36 hunter but also give XP for my pet Ravager. Now the Ravager just hit level 15 and I've only killed the same 5 ogres about four times. So my strategy's been working pretty well. I got some food in Goldshire and parked my hunter in this spot last time I was on and now that I have a few minutes I've put on some levels for the pet. My hunter's also getting XP for this and that's nice since she'll hit 37 in ten minutes according to Titan Panel, but unfortunately those level 29 ogres won't get my pet any XP any more. It's too bad because the ogres are pretty well spread out so they don't attract attention from others when you take one down. I don't want to go for anything near my level yet because my new pet really can't do any damage yet. Because it does no damage the mobs immediately come after my hunter as soon as the arrows start flying. With these low-level ogres it's easy, my attack is always the same (I include my key bindings for kicks):
  • Hunter's Mark (= key) for the extra ranged attack power.
  • Send in the pet, wait for the pet to attack (Ctrl-1). Pet lands a couple shots.
  • Concussive Shot (8) to slow the target down as they start running for me.
  • Serpent Sting (6) does damage over time and they'll be dead before the effect is done.
  • Arcane Shot (5).
  • Usually the auto-shot will get a couple more arrows in.
  • Raptor Strike (2) as soon as their in range.
After a couple more seconds that one's down and I'm on to the next one. Actually, looking at it written out I could probably speed that up a little more. It's easy but it's easy because of the placement and the level difference. With a pet this weak I can't take on the level 40s that I can with my owl, which keeps up with the hunter's level and always holds aggro. Time will tell though if the Ravager is a great pet or just a mean-looking one. While I've been writing this, I've been continuing to switch back to the game and grind more XP. My pet hit level 16 but then my hunter leveled so those level 29 ogres are now grey. Time to move on. Oh, and the loyalty level went up to 4 (Dependable) and suddenly I have 40 Training Points (I started out with -8 ). So it seems more and more that the idea of getting a low-level pet and bringing them up might not be difficult at all. Maybe I'll write one more update after the level starts getting closer and it takes my pet longer to catch up.
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