Wanted: C++ Standard Template Library Docs
I've decided I need a good reference for the STL. I had the misfortune of getting started with the STL back when Microsoft begrudgingly included it in Visual Studio 6. VS6 was a great product - especially for the time. But there was obviously no love for Standard Template Library. Jeff and I have been working on a game for a while. Nothing big, just a fun side-thing to get us in to coding in C++ on Linux. Thing is, Jeff is streets ahead of me when it comes to STL. These days I'm not in to the generic, programming for programming's sake way. I'm mostly interested in learning through doing though. I don't want to see any tutorials or sample code that shows off how smart the author is. I don't believe in Singletons and I think Functors are the work of the devil. Design patterns are a good idea but are often abused. I need thorough reference material and simple examples that suit normal usage. Any ideas?
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I like O'Reilly's "Cookbook" series for this purpose. They're basically collections of explained code snippets which you're likely to see in the real world, making them very pragmatic reference materials. I'm not familiar w/the C++ Cookbook, but it may be worth checking out.


I've seen some good O'Reilly Cookbooks, I picked up the XSLT Cookbook and was pretty happy with that.

I was looking for something specifically on the STL, but maybe I'm over-thinking it. Every time I get hung up it's with collection classes and iterators and the C++ Cookbook seems to cover those.