Firefox Plugin to Search for WoW Characters at the Armory
The Armory's a pretty cool addition to the World of Warcraft site. Finally I can take comfort in knowing that while that rogue who jumped me is all decked out in purples and though I don't stand a chance against him in PvP, I can out-herbalize him any day. That's right - somehow he got to level 63 without getting past 150 herbalism! So that Felweed is mine all mine. All right, so Hellfire Peninsula has had a couple rough spots for me. In the time I'm not playing World of Warcraft, I'm surfing. So I use Firefox a lot (if you're not familiar with it, you can go get ). During some of my downtime I decided to make a search plugin for the Armory. It works in Firefox, it might work in other browsers, I'm not sure. If you're not familiar with search plugins, look at the box on the top-right of your Firefox window. Firefox comes with a few of them and the default one searches at Google. Click the arrow between the "G" and the text box and you get a list of other search plugins, like Yahoo!, Amazon and Wikipedia. I did two versions of the plugin. One's a simple search, just type in the box and you'll get a search at the armory across all realms for character names like the one you typed in. It's should be the same as picking "characters" and typing in the box on the Armory search page. Click here to install the plugin to search for characters at the armory. I did the crummy icon but the rest of the work happens at the World of Warcraft site (which is, of course, all done by Blizzard and I'm not affiliated with them in any way other than being a WoW player). The second version of the plugin is specific to the realm where you want to search for a character. I figured that most people only play on one or two realms, so there's a search plugin for each realm. Click the name of your realm and you'll get a popup that asks you if you want to install it. Accept and you'll get the crummy icon I made in your list of search plugins. Then just type the name of the character you want to look up on that realm for and Firefox will take you straight to the Armory page for that character. The catch with this search plugin is that if you don't type the exact name of the character you're searching for, you get an error page at the Armory. That's because in this case we're not really searching, we're just trying to go directly to the character sheet. The list of realms is pretty big so I put the second search plugin on its own page, click here for the realm-specific armory character search. If you're looking for info on how I made this or how to make your own, there's a helpful page in the Mozilla Developer Center (specifically the Technorati example they point to makes it easy), and they've got another page that explains how to offer a search plugin from a web page. Update: I've posted a new version of this search plugin here.
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you're search plugin does not install

Worked fine for me. Cool plugin.

How do you have to do it when you live in Europe then you have to search on the EU realms.

The plugin installed fine for me. Good question Roald, I was wondering that too. Anyone?

I'm working on adding the European realms. It's a little tougher than I thought it'd be, but I hope this week I'll get it out there.

And to the guy from Germany that emailed me about doing a European search plugin, sorry but my spam filter on one of my mail clients ate your message :( . I think your mime-type problem can be solved with the header function in PHP. Mail me again and I can try to get you some more detail.

Okay, I've got it working for North America and Europe. Have a look here for the latest.