Queststacking in the Wetlands around level 20-28
The Wetlands is an area up north of Loch Modan. The major city here is Menethil Harbour. Menethil isn't a capital city so it doesn't have a bank or all the trainers. It does have a gryphon point, an inn and boats leave from the docks here that will take you to Auberdine and Theramore, both on the continent of Kalmidor. Taking the boat to Auberdine will also get you to Teldrassil in just one more hop. Theramore is a good place to find quests that take you up past level 30. Theramore is also home to the trainer for Artisan First Aid and Artisan Fishing (Artisan meaning skill level 225 to 300). While in Menethil Harbour you'll also find plenty of NPCs with quests for your characters in the range of level 20 up to level 30. I went through a lot of these quests once a while ago with my human mage. My hunter cruised right through the 20s in Duskwood and never made it out to the Wetlands for any quests. Now I want to take my level 27 warrior up here and see if it's not too late. Even if it is, I have an upcoming gnome warlock who'll be ready to do some damage here. So what I hope to show today is four sets of quests that are good sources of XP that aren't hard to figure out. They all revolve around killing stuff, getting quest drops (that is, loot for quests from killing things), and running from place to place. The rewards aren't great but there are a couple. I'm also not going to cover all the quests in the Wetlands. The ones I'm interested in start and end in the Wetlands; they don't make me spend time waiting for boats to go find an NPC just for a few XP that I could've had more quickly by grinding. I don't have the time to do all the work of stacking these quests but by describing what to do where with links to maps it should help any readers figure out which stages of quests overlap.

Murlocs in the Wetlands

There's a quest series that you can do which involves finding some loot spread around different Murloc camps across the Wetlands. It's worth picking up the first quest and doing the first stage. You have to kill a bunch of Murlocs for it that are around level 20-24 and one named Murloc - Gobler. Don't sweat getting the rest of it done unless you like one of the final rewards or you have one of the co-ordinates plugins. Here's the whole list, linked to Thottbot so you can peruse them:

Rethiel the Greenwarden doesn't like Gnolls

Another series of quests with Rethiel the Greenwarden starts off with First Mate Fitzsimmons in Menethil harbour. The first stage is just to find the Greenwarden (hint - look here). To get to Rathiel follow the road east from Menethil until it starts to turn south. Rethiel the Greenwarden is out east of the road in a small clearing. The Greenwarden wants you to kill some Gnolls. Specifically, 15 Mosshide Gnolls and 10 Mosshide Mongrels. They're around level 20 to 22 and you can find them around this area on the map. From the Greenwarden just head south. When you've done this and return to Rathiel the Greenwarden, the next quest he's got is to get some Crude Flint from the Gnolls (9 pieces). There are Fenrunners, Brutes, Trappers and Mistweavers that drop it. This means most any Mosshide Gnoll that you find in the Wetlands that's level 22 or over. Here's a map for the Mosshide Brutes - they're northeast of Menethil Harbour and west of the Greenwarden. The Crude Flint is a quest item, so they won't drop it until you get the quest for it. Finally, in Blisters on The Land, Rathiel the Greenwarden wants you to go kill 12 Fen Creepers. You can find them in the marshes on the east side of the Wetlands. They're sometimes underwater and can be hard to see. I think it was easier for my human mage - humans have better perception as a racial bonus.

Taking on Raptors at the Excavation Site

Next up are a couple sets of quests that work your way along the south side of the road heading east from Menethil Harbour. Tarrel Rockweaver in Menethil wants you to go find his wife in the excavation site. The site is south of the road out east of the harbour. Here's where he is on the map. When you find the Whelgar Excavation Site and enter, you'll head to the left and follow a path a long way up the mountain and across a bridge. Inside you'll see Merrin and Ormer. Merrin will complete the quest her husband sent you on and give you a letter to bring back to him. This pair of quests isn't worth a whole lot but you don't have to kill anything so you can do it at an early level. There are a lot of raptors in the excavation site that range from level 22 to 29 with a couple all the way up to 29. Ormer would like you to kill some of those. Specifically, there are three quests, all called Ormer's Revenge, that he'll send you on. In the first part you have to kill 10 Mottled Raptors and 10 Mottled Screechers. They're level 22 and 24 and all their attacks are physical so this is pretty straightforward. The raptors for the first stage are actually easier to find outside the excavation site, here's the map from Thottbot. The Raptors are usually near the mountains between the excavation site and Menethil harbour - you'll also find crocolisks and ooze in the area. The next stage of the quest is for 10 Mottled Scytheclaws and 10 Mottled Razormaws. These raptors are a couple levels higher and are found around inside the excavation site. They're scattered all around (map) but you'll notice that there's a couple spots where the tougher ones are. The level 29 one deep in the back of the site is Sarltooth. The last quest from Ormer is to kill Sarltooth and bring the talon he drops to Ormer. The talon will only drop if you have that last stage of the quest, so don't bother killing Sarltooth until you get that quest or you'll just have to do it again. Oh, I almost forgot. There's someone else in the cave with Ormer and Merrin. Prospector Whelgar has a quest called Uncovering the Past that you get at level 25. Pick this one up while you're on the second stage of Ormer's Revenge (or as soon as you're able). The quest requires that you find four artifacts that are scattered around Whelgar's Excavation Site. Sometimes they show up under a lump of loose dirt, sometimes in a vase and sometimes in a box. Just get the quest early and keep an eye out for objects you can interact with, then you should be able to get them all while doing Ormer's Revenge.

Ghost Sailors on Haunted Ships and the Cursed Eye of Paleth

For this last set of quests you'll want a way to breath under water. I used underwater breathing potions but they have a disadvantage of wearing off when you die. Other options include the deepdive helmet (if you're an engineer) or the warlock Unending Breath spell. Bring something though, going up for air is not recipe for success. You'll often find the ceiling stops you or that you're surrounded by enemies. First Mate Fitzsimmons is standing outside the inn. He starts you off on a series of five quests. The first is just to buy him a drink from the inn, then the real quests begin. The majority of the quest involves fighting ghosts on a couple of ships on the northwest shore of the Wetlands. It would be good to mix with one of the earlier quests for Murlocs except that the ghost sailors are level 26-28 and the Murlocs are about five levels lower. The second stage of this quest (after getting Fitzsimmons a drink) has you taking out 13 Cursed Sailors and 5 Cursed Marines. The marines are the tougher of the two. To find the ships with the ghost sailors on them, follow the coastline north from Menethil harbor for a while. Here's a map with the approximate area from Thottbot. There are two ships wrecked just barely off the shore. The south ship has Cursed Sailors and Cursed Marines in it. There's a hole in the bottom of the ship that's big enough to walk through. Inside that hole you can find First Mate Snellig and a couple close friends. He's level 29 and his friends are a little lower. You can pull him by using a ranged attack (like a wand, arrow or fireball) from outside the ship. It's easier to fight or run on the ground outside. Once you kill him you can loot Snellig's Snuffbox from the corpse for the Cursed Crew quest. Return to First Mate Fitzsimmons at the inn with the snuffbox. He'll give you the next quest in this series, Lifting the Curse. For this quest you have to head back up to the same area but you need to go to the northern ship where the ghosts are a little tougher. The north end of that ship is the ship's rudder. You can swim around and jump up on the rudder and run up on to the ship. Be careful, but that's where you can find Captain Halyndor, or at least his ghost. One of his attacks is a curse that makes you an undead and another reflects some spells. He can be tough but it's not impossible. Once you kill him he'll drop the key for the ship's strongbox. Take the key down to the bottom of the ship, find the lockbox and open it. If you go down below via the stairs then you'll have to fight more ghosts on the way down there and it can be a pain since you're underwater and they can go through the floors where you can't. The other way down is to enter through a hole in the bottom of the boat. You still have to fight off some cursed marines but not as many and the fight is much more manageable. From here on it's easy. Go back to Menethil and see Glorin Steelbrow. He can't do anything with the Cursed Eye of Paleth so he'll send you to Archbishop Benedictus in the Cathedral in Stormwind (map). I know I said all the quests would be in Wetlands today but you have my permission to leave at the end of this one. Come back when you're ready to make the run north to start questing in Arathi Highlands.
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