Chmod a+x

Just a quick note for subversion. I was working on a shell script and my first check-in was from the Windows machine I'm working on. My target is the Bash shell in Linux though. When I checked the file out on the target, I had to do a chmod a+x every time I checked out. A little googling and I found that Subversion knows about the executable attribute. I don't know how exactly it interprets the attribute internally, but what worked for me was setting the svn:executable property for the file in the working directory. I don't know how to do this with the command-line client, but in Tortoise SVN it was pretty easy. On my Windows machine I right-clicked the file, picked "Properties" and selected the "Subversion" tab.

[G2:5022]There I found a list of SVN properties in a drop-down. I picked "svn:executable" from the list but nothing happened until I typed a value in the edit box underneath. I don't know that the value mattered but I gave it a "1". Then I clicked "Set" and "Apply". After checking in from Windows, on my Linux target machine I ran "svn up" as usual to get my changes and I found the executable bit set for the owner. Not sure that this works in general but it worked for me.

Why do I bother writing about it now? Well I'm waiting for my script to run...

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Googled and found, your post, it helped me figure out how to get my script set executable. I worked it out from the command line, so I thought I'd share the command:

$ svn propset svn:executable true updateTime
property 'svn:executable' set on 'updateTime'