First Impression: World of Warcraft
I finally buckled under the pressure and installed the World of Warcraft 14 day trial. I didn't object to giving them my credit card info because I get the feeling that I'm not going to be ready to quit any time soon. I'm enjoying life as a noob, but let me describe the initial user experience "out of the box" as it happened for me. I started by spending at least half an hour waiting to install off DVD. After that I went through the registration process on Blizzard's site. They include a lot of information for getting started that was more than ample for me. I was amused though when the explanation at the beginning of the registration that explicitly stated a free trial would not automatically charge my card was followed at the end by a statement that payments would automatically renew on the billing cycle you choose. Anyhow, after registering I get to finally start the game. I figured I'd waited through the install and done the registration step, these are things I've come to expect as normal. Of course at the opening there's movie that bears little resemblance to the game. I would've skipped it but Candace got a kick out of it.
All right, now I do the log in thing, all ready and primed even though it's easily an hour past the time I first felt like playing the game. I click the login button and immediately I'm prompted to accept a patch. Okay, it does something for a second and gives me the one choice to click "restart". That wasn't too bad. Hope I don't have to wait through the movie again. I click restart and I'm presented with the Blizzard Downloader stating it's downloaded 0 bytes of a 359 MB patch. At this point I'm suspicious. Maybe I'm on hidden camera and they're waiting for me to lose it. I wait an hour or so for the 359MB to download. At least it looks like they use Bit Torrent to speed up the download, I think that made a huge difference. Finally, just when you think it's over, the Updater starts. It has a number like 18/25514 and a status bar that moves really slowly. Whatever. At this point I'm resigned to the fact that the entire 14 days of this "free trial" will consist of downloading and installing. So it came as no surprise after this patch was done that there was another one waiting for me after my second log in. The second patch was only a couple seconds though and on my third log in I finally got to get started actually playing something that resembled a game. I think all that waiting and installing is just conditioning to get players excited about counting how many Kobolds they kill. Here's a quest: "Go kill 10 of these rat-looking things." Why not just give me a quest that says "Go level for a while." It's just as meaningful but there's no pretending that there's a story to it.
I might sound negative, but I kept playing and got to level 3 or 4 last night. If I wasn't enjoying the game I'd stop. I was impressed that the graphics were better than I expected - even though I installed on my laptop. For a first session it was pretty good. I'm looking forward to some time to play again maybe this weekend.
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I'm hunting for a code so that I can have a 14 day free trial too. I'm hoping I'll have better luck hunting kobolds...

[...] Rob acquired a 14-day free trial dvd for World of Warcraft. Since we’re getting hyped up for E3 and our trip to California (next week!) we thought it would be the perfect time to get in the spirit and see what all the WoW hype is about. Four days, 3 characters, and a combined 20 levels later I think I see the addiction taking hold. The first night it took forever to install, lots of upgrades, patches, etc. By the time we got started I was already tired but somehow we got the human male up to level 6. Lots of Kobold Vermin dead. At 2 a.m. when I told Rob I was going to bed he said he’d be right there. Hmmmm. “Right there” was close to an hour later. [...]

hey man, i just went to EB games at rundle mall adelaide, bought the game, which comes with a month free access, but to use it i also had to buy a game card which gives me three months access for around $20 australian dollars.

this is the only way to pay for WOW with out a crdit card.....something I am absolutly not gonna get. EVER. screw the Akazhanazian Cartel.

By the way, BLOOD FOR LUUKOS!!! Alliance blood shall run free....

hehhe, if you up for a good server then go for LighteningHoof, its probably the only server out there that has people who want to actually role play, most of the others are full of 1337 speeken new world double plus freaks.

Most of whom apparently cant use more than four keys on their keyboard every four hours...geez talk about cool-down timers.

If your alliance, then I'll see you at Hillsbrad.....Cackle..

Oh and sorry to be spamming here but i cant edit any of my posts.....

We linux lovers would really really really love it if you could sign the blizzard petition ofr a native linux client over at....

ince it does become native, i dont have to have a virus prone, malware attractn windblows installation....

Ubuntu Dapper rocks hard.

I'm a Suse user these days and I'd like to see a Linux WoW client too. Doubt that we will but it'd be nice. I assume you've read the stuff on running WoW on Wine (here's one specific to Ubuntu even). I know it's not the same as a native client, but at least it's one less reason to need the dual boot.

I have Linux on my desktop and Windows on the laptop, but I don't think my desktop has the horsepower to run WoW. Maybe after I upgrade I'll be able to try WoW on Wine.

A lot of players do seem to find typing to be a challenge, but hey, when in Rome... speak Latin. I still refuse to use 'u' in lieu of 'you', what can I say, old habits die hard.

I'm a very new WoW player, and a long time Linux user. Currently I'm playing WoW through wine on Sabayon Linux. I would love to see a Linux native WoW client. Performance through wine is decent but I know it could be much better. Maybe the WoW client could be open sourced like Second Life.

ok, i just want to know sumthing. About those free trial 14-day card thingies, is it possible to play the same char for more then 14 days using multiple cards? if so, is there any downside, and what are they?