So Long and Thanks for All the Swag
Candace lying on Malibu Lagoon State Beach

So it's done been over and burned me out.

I've been collecting myself up and getting caught up on things I missed while I was off in LA. I have to say it's getting pretty easy to stay connected. Even though the free e3 wifi was perpetually overloaded (and I wasn't about to pay $25/day for the convention center wifi), there was free access at nearby places and at the hotel. I found it easy to hop on, do my stuff, and get off. The tough thing was finding the time. There is just so much to see and do at E3 that you're perpetually pulled in all directions. It's the emporium of ADD.

So I found that there were a whole lot of things to "come back and see later." There's just not enough later.

After the expo was over, we spent the next couple of days seeing the beaches and taking piles of pictures. I found that I'm not as bad a photographer as I thought - taking pictures in broad daylight is a lot easier than on the dark floor of E3.

Surfer at Huntington Beach
Surfer at Huntington Beach
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