Adobe buys Macromedia - what does it mean for SVG?

SVG Basics is now more Mozilla-friendly. I'm not making a big deal of it on that site yet because I still have to do more testing and see which sample code actually works well and what doesn't. For now though, surfers should at least be able to see the examples. I'll be testing with the SVG-enabled Firefox build any day now.

Oh, and while we're talking about SVG another little development was announced today. Here's the remarkably short Press Release(the disclaimer is longer than the body). Adobe has bought Macromedia. While both were involved in SVG, Adobe has clearly done a lot more to promote it. Time for the speculation to begin.

I've been expecting that SVG Full 1.2 will become official in the next month or so based on the W3C Roadmap for SVG. So does this aquisition affect software that Adobe will release to support SVG 1.2? Let's discuss.

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