Finding Your Way In San Francisco

Looks like GDC plans are ramping up for others as well. Robin Hunicke's posted a list of some San Francisco bars on her blog gewgaw. This is the kind of information I need right now. Back on the first trip to San Jose, CitySearch was useful. These days, CitySearch seems to be a hollow shell of its former self.

She's got the bars listed by area, and so that's convinced me to once-and-for-all figure out how to navigate the city. I like to do this before a trip so that I can follow directions better and get more out of brochures or ads for places that I see when I'm there. Without knowing that the Embarcadero goes by the Wharf, I won't be able to use my time nearly as well.

The city of San Francisco has a few areas that I've heard of so far: the Mission, soma, Union Square, South of Market, downtown, North Beach, South Beach. I'm sure some of these overlap, so let's sort it out. I don't want to comment on what you'll find in each area, just point out where they are and get a map to cross-reference when making plans.

It looks like this is Mission, although I think it might go far enough north to include the Convention Centre.

Soma is short for "South of Market". Here's a map of Soma in San Francisco. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, or SF Moma for short, is in Soma. See, I was confused before, thinking that Soma was somehow short for something something modern art. So the SF Moma's in Soma. Soma moma. Say it with me...

When Jeff and I made a trip up to San Fran from San Jose a couple years back, someone gave us directions relative to Union Square. We found a park on the map. There is an actual park, the area called Union Square around it includes the shopping district for a couple blocks around that.

Here's North Beach. It's far enough away from the Fisherman's Wharf to not be considered just a tourist pit. At least, that's the case according to the tourist info that I read ;) . The Wharf is touristy, I can say from firsthand experience. That's okay with me though, being a tourist and all.

Finally, South Beach doesn't sound like it has a lot of tourist attractions. I think I heard of it because of a hotel search that I did.

When writing this, I used these references: the SFGate Neighbourhood Guide, and Google Maps. As it turns out, the guide from SF Gate has a lot of info and is pretty well-formated. A lot of the other refernces that I found have been hard to read because they're low on content and too heavy on ads.

Now that I know where I'm going, I'm going to give A9 a shot at getting me some pictures of some places. They're supposed to give a shot of the place you look up in their search or yellow pages, so I'll see if I can see the places I'm going before I go.

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