So I'm off caffeine as of today. For now, that is. I'm taking a break for a few months. It's not so much a resolution as a temporary abnegation for the purpose of healing my joie de café. See, the problem with coffee is that it's a great drink. I've become accustomed to having a cup to start every day. So accustomed that I no longer notice what a nice thing it is to have in the morning. Instead I hear myself say that I *need* a coffee. Not that I'd really *like* a coffee. If I don't have a coffee, it shows up as a pain in my head. Years ago it would also show up in my attitude and emotions. I didn't like that so I quit for a time.
A few months.

Then when I did have coffee again, I really enjoyed it. I savoured it and didn't drink shitty coffee, I only had a coffee because I would enjoy it. It's hard to relish the things we really just need. Then I got used to it and started taking it for granted again. I'm not as dependant as I was the last time I relented, but I'm too dependant to skip coffee for a day. Well, I was anyhow. I weened myself slowly down to one cup, then half a cup for the past week until today. Today I skipped the coffee. There were a few mild headaches and there's a deep craving (I do like coffee, after all), but there's been no caving in. It's easier than if I'd decided to give it up forever, I'm sure. I'm looking forward to March (coinciding with a trip I'm planning) when I can enjoy a café mocha at Starbuck's, Caribou, or some equally overpriced decadent venue.

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The question is: When you started drinking it again, did you drink it black or did you put your eight sugars and two creams into it again? Once you have black, you never go back...

Raw sugar and soy milk, please :P . Do you apply the same logic to chocolate, or is it allowed to have sugar and milk?

No, why would the same logic for coffee apply to chocolate??

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