Late Night PC

If you or your small business require an experienced opinion or help implementing a solution, get in touch with us and we'll get you an expert. When you know the technology is out there but you can't find what you need, Late Night is the Service you want to use.

Discussion Forums

Technology Consulting can be delivered in many ways. If you're looking for answers to a question that you can describe, then free information is available online in our discussion forums. The forums can be read by anyone and anyone can post a question. We also offer the discussion forums to the local community as a way to reach the whole world with your message. The discussion is moderated, which we hope helps the community grow.


Looking for your own website? Don't want another cookie-cutter job? Late Night PC Service does complete custom websites for your corporation or innovative small business. We don't just hand you the same flashy animations that are all over the web already. We work individually with our site design clients to find out their needs and their visitors needs. Then we can work with you to write a custom web application that meets those needs at a reasonable rate.

And yes, you really can get us to come fix your computer in the Windsor area for a reasonable rate. This is a labour of love as much as any work can be. Computers should work for people and when they don't, we have to get involved.

Of course evening appointments are available.

Productivity Tips

Every time someone asks a question, every time someone voices their frustration with their home computer, that's a chance for a new productivity tip. Some are things that come up over and over again, some are tidbits that we think might make your computing life easier. Everyboy uses computers, but some people use them better. Those people read pages like these.


Learn more than the manuals can tell you. Get hands-on lessons for you and your employees. Train your whole company on the custom software that's unique to your industry. Train your staff to get more from the tools that they use every day. Let us analyze your workflow and help you make the changes that will get you the biggest returns for your training budget. If the annual training budget is being wasted paying people to sit through a Powerpoint presentation, then stop throwing your money away. Get real face-to-face, one-on-one attention from someone that knows how to let the computer do all the work. Late Night PC will wring the best out of your manuals and serve up the essence of what people need to know to get things done. Click here to read more about our options for training individuals, groups and the staff at your small business.


Spyware has been given a lot of attention, but it's a problem that's not going away. We're able to work to recover your computer from spyware that's been installed on it. We can also help you establish the practices that help to keep spyware off your computer at home and at work. There's no substitute for knowledge in the continuous effort to keep your computer working and clear of the worst of this continually evolving threat. Click here to find more about what you can do to help keep your computer free of spyware.

... or maybe something uplifting

My personal blog is an easy way to keep up to date on what's happening with me and where the company is headed. Topics can be technical or light, the blog is all about seeing how human all this stuff really is. Reading "or maybe something uplifting" can also help to give you an idea where the strengths of Late Night PC Service are at and what the company outlook is.